Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

It is beautiful, sunny and clear here for now.  I should go back to the lake each day it has been so warm.

Last night I finally caught up on my sleep I think.  Slept all night and then some for a change.  It has been so dry and allergy time so I can not breathe very well.

Some of us Clear Creek Branch ladies met for lunch at the Knotbumpers and I had the Cinder Cone which was a Taco Salad.  It was very good.  Seems the last time I ate there with Maria it wasn't so good but we sat on the side of the porch and it was quite lovely.  Holly, the new lady with five children; Fonda, five childre; Jean, two children; Maryanne, three children; Sue, three children were all there.

I thought as I listened to the ladies who still had children at home how easy my life is now.  I had better enjoy it.  If only I didn't get so tired.

I bought some boxes that I will label with the children and Meagan's names so as I come across pictures, etc. that are of their family I will just put them in the box and they can decide what to do with them when I am gone.

Since I have shrunk another inch I decided it was time to shorten some of my clothes.  I did the blue denim dress yesterday.  Looks good.

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