Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rethinking and Thinking--Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I am recrunching the numbers and rethinking being totally homeless.  It just seems apparent that at sometime I would need to settle in a place of my own.  Who knows how long Jeanne will live and all that.  After talking and looking at the numbers some things are very apparent.

To make sense and sell this lovely place I would have to get top dollar, otherwise it would be better to do the reverse mortgage on this house for instant cash and always having a place to live, even if just for the spring, summer and falls.  Of course, the catch would be that a refinance appraisal in this market could come in very low and then it might not make so much sense either.  And the question is, how long would it take to sell, could I ever get top dollar?  Will things get better or worse after the election?  There are so many strange predictions of what could happen either way.

The thought of moving back to the city is not setting well with me at all.  I love the peace and security of this area and I love living in the smaller Branch rather than a big city Ward.  The nice thing about a reverse mortgage is that the longer you live the better deal it is.  Am I going to live a long time???  And it would not be so painful to just have all my precious stuff here rather than scattered around or locked in a storage unit somewhere.

I have pretty much gotten rid of most of the things I don't want.   The yard is clean and easy.  Michael is happy here for the time being. 

Ron brought over a huge trailor of wood.  We were able to stack another row of wood so we have two rows and a whole lot stacked under the pines for splitting.  Michael will probably do this.  It is really a nice little area of stacked wood and splitting area we created.  I was surprised at how tired I get though.  I have to work and then rest, work and then rest, but I have been working so much lately, it is no wonder.  Surely glad Michael was here to do the work!

Anyway, someone is looking at the property today.  Unless I get offered top dollar I believe I will take my house off the market and get it appraised to better access where I go from here.  Help!

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